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Food Safe Exclusions

Warning: We do try to keep track of which foods are safe for these exclusions, but you should always check the label and manufacturers’s description before consuming, as we can not take responsibility for errors.

Products not containing any gluten and not made in the presence of gluten. In other words, no wheat, barley or rye, and only oats that are certified as gluten-free. 

Products that contain no egg-based ingredients.

Products that contain no animal milk or their derivatives. We do not currently separate out lactose-free products.

Products containing no ingredients derived from nuts – including peanuts, cashews, almonds, brazil, pistachio, macadamia, walnuts & pecans.

Products containing ingredients that were not derived from animal slaughter – no meat, poultry, shellfish, or fish.

Products containing no ingredients derived from animals – including meat, fish, dairy, eggs, or honey.

Pregnancy or Breastfeeding safe: Products that are safe to be consumed during pregnancy or breastfeeding with no known health risks to mother or baby. 

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